Savor the flavor of Torani!

After a Thanksgiving filled with all the trimmings, it is time for a coffee break, Christmas is soon approaching.  It is time to stop overeating!    I usually drink coffee as a dessert.  Instead of eating a slice of pie, or cake, I drink flavored coffee.  I love the taste of coffee, but the added Torani flavoring makes it all too special.  Guess what, it is not just me who enjoys Torani.  I visited Navy Pier last January, and there were many food vendors.  What did I see on one of the vendors  cart? That's right, Torani!  Which proves that even restaurants use Torani for the flavoring of coffee and other drinks too!  It is your time to fall in love with Torani too.  Even though this a sponsored post for SheSpeaks and Torani.  I can assure you that I enjoy Torani flavorings.  I have tried the Hazlenut and the Carmel Nut, Peppermint etc. each one I use for coffee especially or another kind of drink.  I am trying to eat and drink healthier, so I intergrated my Torani Peppermint (just a touch)  with my Spearmint Leaf Tea...and it was Delish!!!  Loved it!  Great for this Holiday Season!  Mix and Match Torani with many drinks during the Holidays.  Here's your chance to try Torani.  I am giving away $1 OFF Coupons for Torani!! 


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