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Upgrade your writing game at school!

Yep!  Another summer just about over for some students.  As a former student myself, I remember being super excited for school to begin.  Once the first week is over, not so much.  Why? Oh, you know.  Of course, you can chat with your fellow students about the summer.  But mostly, for the NEW backpacks, supplies and clothing.  I know vain.  But most kids are...face it.  It was just something about having new school clothes and supplies.  Holding the brand new pencil, writing on the crisp notebook paper....magical.  Ah...the memories!  Then that fabulous moment happens.  When a fellow student compliments your cool pen or pencil, folder.  "Where did your mom get that from?"  "It's so cool!"  "I want one too!" "Ask your mom to buy me one."   Didn't it make you feel special?  All of that attention.  My mom made me the star of the day!   Bic has been apart of my special memories for many years.  Back then it was only the Bic pens.  Now they h…

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