Flashback Fun.

Remember watching soap operas years ago, did you ever notice the intricate details that go unoticed by most?  For instance, the sound effects of their shoes click clacking against the tiled floor.  How about the actors that are holding elegant glasses as they drink?  Well, curiousity led me to try to find those finely crafted Old Cardinal Lonchamp  8oz. crystal glass, or it looks like it. Do you think these glasses look like those on the soap operas?    http://clothing-and-accessories.become.com/longchamp.  What do you think? 

Another detail, why didn't they ever put anything in the garbage cans?  Didn't they have trash?  Can't even remember seeing a garbage can?  I mean there are some sophisticated looking garbage cans they could have proped for the scene.  Not even one Ada guideline trash can!  Those cans are nice for appropriate for kitchens. http://home-and-garden.become.com/bathroom-trash-can

As for the romantic scenes, do you ever remember seeing any lamp lights turned on? 
Mostly, the actors used candles to set the mood, when they could have easily used % arm gold candelabras http://home-and-garden.become.com/gold-candelabra.

The point of this is to have the writers incorporate realistic things like removing the 1 gang thermostat cover plate http://www.become.com/thermostat-wall-cover-plate  to adjust the temperature or an actress walks around the entire time with disheveled hair.  Sometimes seeing that they are human help us to relate.  The little details makes a big difference in reality.


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