I can't believe it! Just as I was about to use my TABASCO Original Red sauce this happens!

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My mouth was watering from the anticipation of eating a plate of cabbages topped with TABASCO® Original Red sauce.  I scooped the cabbages onto my plate.  I opened the kitchen cabinet door, reached for the Tabasco sauce, AND only a few drops was left!   My cabbages doesn't taste as good without a lot of  Tabasco sauce!  I am angry!  Have you ever tried TABASCO® Original Red on your cabbages?  Then you know how I feel!   It gives the cabbages just enough sizzle of heat with a whole lot of flavor. 
Now let me think.  Did I use all of the Tabasco Sauce?  I remember putting it on my yummy zesty omelet Monday morning and on my beans and rice that evening.  On Tuesday,  I had bought some fried fish from my favorite fast food restaurant and doused TABASCO® Original Red the all over it!  Smack! Smack!  I was shoving food in my mouth so fast, it was tasty.    I put the TABASCO® Original Red sauce on most of my foods.  I like the flavor more than the heat!  It adds the right touch of vinegar with a pepper flavor that I just crave on my foods.  It makes the food actually taste better.  Hot sauce doesn't have the same effect on my food as TABASCO® Original Red sauce.  Hot sauce coats the food with its thickness.  It just sits on top of my food.  But,  TABASCO® Original Red sauce allows the food to absorb its flavorful goodness.  I love it.  I check out their Game Day Party Menu for more foods to try it on, if that is possible,  I use it on everything I eat: pizza, chicken wings, vegetables whatever!  Visit TABASCO® Original Red for more recipes to try.       at to  to    to g 
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