Learn how to save $1,000 with small amounts of money.

Years ago, there was an article about a man who became wealthy from finding and saving pennies.  This man sought out pennies everywhere and he actually picked it up!  Simple right?  Now, I hunt for pennies.  I am not rich, but, I am saving what I find.  You too can find ways to save money without deprivation.  Here are a few steps that I read that can help you save money that you earn.
  • Everyday this year, save $2.00.  Whether it is in coins or bills, put it aside in an old purse or shoebox.  In 30 days, you saved $60.  You can sign up via dollar cost averaging account with quite a few investment companies.  Dollar Cost Averaging  allows Mutual Fund Companies to take small amounts of money to invest in shares.  Over the years, watch your money pile up!
  • Make extra dollars online by taking surveys.  http://www.esearch.com/ is one that pays $3 + for taking surveys.  When you make the money, stash it.
  • Take your lunch to work.  That can save lots of $$$$$.  If you spend $ 8 a day on lunch, in a week, you have spent $56.  In a month, you have spent $224! 
I hope this helps.  Please give me your tips.


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