Couponing 101

Okay, so I had to try my hand at couponing again...and I like it.  Today's deal is the ThermaCare Heat wraps.  This deal couldn't of come at a better time.  My brother and I both are suffering from back pain and needed relief fast.  So, I took to my binder of coupons and went to Walgreens.  Turns out, Walgreens has Therma Care Heat wraps on sale this week for $5.99.  I purchased two with two $4 off coupons.  Do the math with me.  $11.98 - $8.00=$3.98 + tax =$4.25.  But, I'm not done.  Walgreens is offering a $5 Register Reward with the purchase of two ThermaCare Heat wraps.  Math time!  $5.00 (rr) - $4.25=$.75.  Walgreens has paid me to get this product!  How cool is that!  Now share your couponing stories.


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