Rebate Alert!

Mothers everywhere can appreciate this rebate offer!  Nexcare bandages are giving a rebate on their new and improved bandages!  You have the opportunity to try their bandages out for free!  Currently, Walgreens has a display with Nexcare bandages.  These new bandages are the Active, Waterproof and the sport bandage.  Coincidently, I needed a secure bandage for my finger I recently cut.  Without wasting another minute, I purchased the $3.99 bandages to see if they are indeed waterproof.  Well, after washsing dishes the bandage didn't come off entirely.  It unraveled a tad bit, but it didn't come off totally.  It was perfect timing too, everytime I was near water the other bandages slid right off!  But the best news is you can try this product for free!  They will allow you up to $11.87 in rebates, which is the equivalent of each of their new products.  All you have to do to receive your rebate is to circle purchase on your receipt, complete rebate form, and include upc bar code.  That's it! 


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