That's the way I like it to work!

My daughter had the stomach flu recently and it was something terrible!  She is only six years old, and she constantly had vomiting with diarrhea.  This was a difficult time.  After this three day journey, my daughter complained that her stomach hurts.  After distincting, if she had to vomit again or pain from soreness of vomiting.   So I tried Children's Advil.  I was shocked when I poured it into the mearsuring cup that it wasn't "sugary" and "colorful"  like most medicines for children.  With other products, I had to administer her medicine every four or five hours.  But, Children's Advil, I gave her one dose every eight hours!  That is the way I like less appeal, more effective medicine.  It doesn't have to have bright colors or be extremely sugary.  The most important thing is that my daughter was able to be herself within 20 minutes.  It was good to see her smile again. 

If you want to try Children's Advil, I am giving away $1.00 off coupons.  That's how much I like it!


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