So Curious to try Clear!

My hair is extremely dry.  I have been searching for a hair product that will clean and moisturize my hair.  Today, while shopping at Walgreens, I saw a new hair product line for dry hair.   At first glance, the Clear product line caught my eye with its design and natural color bottles.  Then, I read the SCALP THERAPY.  Which is something that I never really considered the scalp.  I always thought treat the hair strands, but it makes sense to have a healthy scalp and to treat it, to have healthy hair strands.  Now to be honest, the price is what truly spoke to me.   Comparable to the other prices on display, clearly, the $4.99 price tag was attractive.  In essence, I can't wait to use my Clear!  If you are searching for a moisturizing product like I am, try this product along with me and leave feedback about your personal experience in the comments box below. 
I will let you know what I think too.


  1. I love this product it gave my chemical free hair the right moisture. I will introduce this product to all my friends and family. Peaches mc


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