My Purex experience

I had a lot of laundry to do, so let me just say I was estatic about trying Purex with Oxi.  I am bias about Purex.  I used it prior to this giveaway for years.  As usual, Purex did not disappoint.   I am well pleased with its performance with Oxi.  My clothes were spotless and freshly scented.  I noticed that the liquid appeared to more concentrated than usual.  Purex with Oxi had plenty of suds for great cleaning power.  Purex with Oxi, simply put...get's your clothes super clean! Plus, I didn't have to use much of the detergent to get my clothes clean either.  I inspected the bottle and I sniffed the deteregent while it was in the bottle.  I thought it was overbearing while in the bottle. But, when I finished washing my load of clothes, the scent was light, floral!!  Usually, I don't buy scented liquid detergent, however, I am impressed by Purex Oxi scent!  Let me see if you agree. If you win the contest, post a comment after you have tried it for yourself! 


  1. Yeah, I was a lucky winner of the Purex giveaway coupon. I recently tried Purex and I love it. A free bottle of Purex will sure come in handy this season.
    I love I can try the new Oxi for free. What a great company to make this giveaway possible.

  2. Thank you for the coupon! I have been using Purex--it gets the laundry very clean and fresh smelling. I'm looking forward to using the new product. Thanks so much to the company for the giveaway.


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