Bona Fide CLEAN!!

It is that time of year.  Family, Food and Fun!  So, if you are the host of the party, you have to tidy up a bit.  I want my dull wooden flooring to shine!   You can just imagine my excitement when contacted me for a product review of Bona Hrdwood Floor Cleaner!  Yeah!  I have posted before and after pictures of my floor.  The directions are simple enough, sweep, mist and clean.  I just used its powerful sprayer....I like it!  Even though the directions don't require it, I will let it sit for a few minutes before cleaning it.  Remember, I want it to be spotless.  Bona has been around since 1918 and has been used by Arenas, Museums etc.,  it has to be good!  What is best that you can conveniently find Bona at Ace Hardware, Walmart etc.




  1. The flooring looks great I would like to give it a try you twisted my arm peachesmc

  2. I would like to be bonified certified the floors glisten like stars up above. anoymousmc.


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