Just heard about the Flu Season being the worst this year..sniff..sniff...

I know there isn't a need to cry about it.  But my daughter is going to be around other kids that are sick during school hours.  Which means, there is a large chance that she may catch it from a classmate.  So I will load up on Children's Advil Fever.  My daughter had the Flu mist in the Fall, however, she may get a symptom or two.  My main concerns are coughs and high fever.  There is nothing worse than trying to get a fever to normal temps.  But every since I gave my daughter Advil's Children Fever a year or two ago, I am convinced that it works fast to lower he high temperature.  It took about 15-20 minutes before my daughter was running around again.  I am sold on this stuff.  So can you imagine that in this season, Smiley360.com has given me a bottle of Children's Advil Fever to give to my child when she gets a high temperature. 

I have $1.00 off coupons for parents out there who wants to try this product for themselves.  Just email me at vei4346@gmail.com for your coupon.  First come, first serve basis. 


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