Can I get a taste?

No..not a taste of food, but the new television show on abc Tuesday's 8/7central time.  Yes, the show stems around the basics, food, and chefs, the twist is each team has to collectively agree on which chef's dish taste's the best to present.  Sometimes this is not an easy choice.  Episode 3 had a supenseful end, when there was a dispute over which team member's dish tasted the best to present.  However, in episode 4, the chef is pressured to make a judment call on the best dish to present to the taste chefs.  With just  a bite-sized spoon to savor an entire dish, Chefs decide on who stays or who goes home.

 This show is similar to the concept of American Idol.  Except there are four judges (chefs) and one brutally, honest french chef (the Simon).  What I enjoyed the most is  game show aspect.  The challengers have to stand in a cubical sized space with a futuristic door that unleashes the contestants before the chefs.  After the chefs have said all there is to say about the dish selected, the contestants return to the cubical where a red light shines on the contestants that had the worst dishes.  Overall, an entertaining, show...that I know I will be watching tomorrow and you should as well.  You can follow this link to see for yourself and leave a comment about it please.  I would love to hear your imput!


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