My New Favorite Deodorant!

I must say that I sweat Big Time when I am nervous.  It's like someone poured a bucket of water over my head.  So, you can trust my review about Dry Idea Advanced.  When I glided the roll on deodorant/antiperspirant, I was impressed with the consistency.  Definitely not the typical roll on thickness. It was like I was putting buttermilk under my arms.  But atlas!  The deodorant/antiperspirant disappeared soon after application.  It left a sort of a film as it dried on my skin. The scent that I had was Fresh.  It didn't smell flowery as expected.  It was like  I felt confident about Dry Idea protection.  I used it  use solids for my deodorant.  I thought that solids offered more protection.  How wrong! I did not have to reapply Dry Idea Advanced at all!  The protection lasted until the next shower!!  I prefer to shower everyday, but, I am sure it would lasted for 72 hours.  It is nice to know if I was not able to shower for some unknown emergency, I can be protected. 


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