Gentle baby skin, gentle body wash.

One thing that I absolutely love about my daughter is her soft, radiant skin.  When I give her a bath, I use gentle products to preserve the softness of her skin.  Even though I received a new product to review for Dial kids body wash....I was definitely the skeptic.  But before I even had enough time to open the box, guess who ran towards it and yelled..."Oooooooooooh, is that for me?"  Yes.  I said.  She yelled "yeah, let me open it please!"  I said sure.  She onced over the bottles and said "Cute."  Then she flipped the lid ever so quickly and said "mmm this smells peaches the other one smells like watermelons."  Mom, can I take a bath now."  It is 4:00pm! Yeah, I know....later tonight. she chuckled.  The first time she used the 2+ Dial body wash.  Extremely sudsy.  She doused her body wash on the washcloth and it was soapy.  Usually, she would hollar "Mom hand me the towel so I can wipe my eyes because some soap got into my eyes." This time she didn't yell and simply rinsed her face clean.  I asked did her eyes burn.  She said no.  "Mom on the bottle it says tear-free that means you won't cry from your eyes burning."  I guess your right.  I said.  The next time she had a bath we tried the Dial body wash for ages 6+.  She did say that her eyes burned just a little...but not that much.  She noted ...Oh, mom this doesn't say Tear free!"   Both body washes are clear and as I rubbed my hands together, I noticed that it wasn't sticky and rinsed off easily and non-drying.  Overall, both products were gentle for her skin.  I consider myself a Naturalist and it didn't dry out her skin at all.  Thumbs up Dial!  I am giving you a chance to win your own.


  1. Thanks again, just sent in my info and congrats to all!


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