Haven't you had a "Go" moment?

I know I have had many. Many chores, many errands etc.  But, if I were describe my "Go" moment, it is blogging or relaxing.  It is wonderful to be able to blog without interruption sometimes.  I can have time to think and blog.   If it is not dropping off my daughter to school, it is taking her swimming, or church activities etc.  So its nice to have a little uninterrupted time to think, type and relax.  I like to spend as much time as I can at the computer, so, I grab a Campbell's Go Soup and use one hand to type, and the other hand to scoop a spoonful of Campbell's Soup ready to be shove in my mouth. It wasn't messy and it quickly satisfied my hunger pangs.  This was my first opportunity to review it so what better time than my "Go" to moment.  I was excited when I had this opportunity to review this product.  So, let me give my opinion about this soup. 

Firstly, I sampled the Coconut Curry Chicken Soup.  I was particularly impressed with the fact that the soup didn't come packaged in a can.  Sometimes cans can make food products taste like metal.  Then I flipped the packaged over and noticed it was easy cooking instructions.   I used a stovetop to warm the soup.  Nonetheless, it was still tasty.  Next, I noticed that the density of the soup was creamy, sort of like homemade soup.  There were big chunks of carrots, watercress, chicken etc.   Definitely pleased by the texture of the soup.  Now for the taste.  I tasted the veggies.  The veggies didn't taste mushy, they had flavor with a little crunch to it.  The chicken appeared to be like shredded chicken, not processed at all.  To describe the flavor, I would have to say that it was a combination of a little sweet, with a tad bit of horseradish and curry.  The blend of Caribbean flavors to make your taste buds dance.  If you were expecting the usual soup, this will completely win you over.  There are different flavors that will seduce you for sure.  If you want to try Campbell's Go Soup let me know via email at vei4346@gmail.com and I will send you coupons that will save you $2.00.  I have 10 $2 off coupons to give away so hurry!


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