I am ready for Combat!

Every Spring I have to deal with ants in the home.  Ugh!!  No matter how clean, how much I spray Ant killer, I have to suffer.  Typically, I ask my mom to watch my daughter play outside, so I can spray the Ant killer all over the house.   The smell of chemicals reek throughout the house so badly that I don't want my daughter to inhale it  .Just thinking of it is making my flesh crawl!  Absolutely despise ants!  My eight year old daughter freaks out and panics when she sees ants crawling on the floor.  She is afraid of watching tv in the Den and Kitchen, where they dominate the rooms.   In perfect timing, I received an Ant killing Bait Strip to review.  My personal opinion, or what intrigued me about this product is that it was strips.  No smelly, sprays to kill ants.  You mean I wouldn't have to send my daughter outside to play while I spray the house down?  All I have to do is just adhere the strip where the ants "hang out" and wait for the action to start.  One ant or several will take the bait food back to its nest and it will destroy the entire colony.  Skeptical, I tried it out to see if the claims worked.  If you are a mom/dad suffering like I do each Spring, you will be pleased that it works without disgusting fumes.  Plus, it is discreet.  You can place it in non-visible areas around the house.  There were five strips that came in the package for me to review.  The strips were connected together.  I just disconnect two strips and placed one on the kitchen window base. The other strip I placed on the Den floor.  The colony of ants were all dead by the next day.  Yeah, it is a keeper.  Mom/dads do yourselves a favor and keep ants from freaking you and the kids out this Spring.   One special reader will get an opportunity  to win their own Combat Ant or Roach killer. Enter our Contest today.

Your plan of attack for Ants or roaches.


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