If you are devoted to saving money and making money, you have to visit this site.

If you are like me, you enjoy the thrill of couponing and shopping.  Well, I have some great couponing news!   As I was surfing the internet, I ran across www.couponchief.com.  This site is definitely one you should check out before you begin shopping online!  Hundreds of retailers from A to Z with coupons codes galore!  As you know, every time you shop at retail shops there is a coupon code field, but never list the company's site WHERE to get this coupon code. Now, before I shop online, I can go to www.couponchief.com and use the search field to type in the item I need or the name of the retailer and a list of deals, promotions or sales appears for me to choose which code I want to use to go shopping.   But, what makes Coupon Chief unique is their "Pays-2-Share" feature.  Pays-2-Share allows users to upload their OWN coupons on the site and actually get paid when other users use it! Just sign up, upload your coupons and wait for other readers to use your uploaded digital coupon.  What a brilliant idea! You can also create a profile for deals, promotions and sales to be sent to you via email.  You have to bookmark Coupon Chief for sure!  By the way, comment that www.moneysnatchermom.blogspot.com sent you and I will hold a special giveaway for those who do, if you are a  member.  Join today!


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