You mean I don't have to buy Fabric Softner and Purex Laundry Detergent separately! Yahoo!

Purex Triple Action
Being frugal, I understand the concept of making your own fabric softener with vinegar and water.  It works in all, but it doesn't give you that "fresh" smell or softness you want on your clothes.  So, leave it to Purex, to conjure up a great idea! Purex has combined the Crystals fabric softener formula with Purex liquid laundry detergent!  I got a chance to review this product!  The first thing that I noticed was the thickness of the laundry detergent.  The consistency was similar to that of liquid hair conditioner.  It is sort of on the creamier side, which I had used less than usual for my laundry.  The fragrance was actually like fresh smelling fabric softener.  Not too much or too little.  Just right. Suds were definitely prevalent while washing and the water remained sudsy until the rinse cycle.  As far as the clothes, well, you all should know by now that Purex gets your clothes clean like any super expensive detergent on the market.  Now that it has this Dirt Lift Action, your clothes get even cleaner!  Dirt lift is definitely a stain remover.  My daughter had used markers on her clothes, during a mad moment and Purex was able to remove those marker stains.  These were the permanent markers...not... washable markers.  Yes, a tough stain to get out.  But, Purex you make the Grade!  A+++++!   I know you are reading this and thinking, I want to try this new Purex.  And I say to you, Yes, you can try it!   I am having a special contest for my members to win a coupon for your own Purex with Crystals!  So, if you are not a member, please scroll down to the left column with the photos of the members.  All you have to do is click, join and follow the instructions.  That is it! I just want to share my appreciation to my members.  So this one is  for you! 

Purex provided me with a sample to review.  However, the opinions of the product was entirely my own.


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