Get a bowl of Dole!

Dole has new delectable fruit parfaits in their cute sizeable plastic bowls.  I was a bit of a skeptic when I first saw it.  I didn't want to taste preservatives, and some obscure cream.  But, when sent me a coupon for a review.  I just had to try it. There were three flavors pineapple/crème, apples/crème and of course, peaches/crème.  Out of the four bowls included in the packaging, I would have liked to have another flavor included.   It was hard deciding which flavor I wanted to enjoy.  So, I purchased the apple and cream parfait and upon tasting it, I really enjoyed it.  The fruit tastes fresh and not too sweet from syrup.  The cream was light and just the right combination with the fruit.  The texture--creamy.  I surprised to know that it is actually low fat.  I know right.  Definitely satisfied my sweet tooth on this hot day.   


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