4 things all wrapped up in 1!

Dry IdeaThis is why I have a soft spot for Soft Scrub!  Innovative products that make my cleaning easier!  Remember in the 70's when we had to use the generic toilet deodorizers?  Well, now Soft Scrub has created a product that has four items rolled into one.  It cleans, prevents build-up, fights toilet ring, and it freshens.  Yes, four round containers, each with the its own solution to keep your toilet sparkling.  In the picture below, the plastic stem on the unit is attached to the rim of my toilet.  Also, you'll notice that each ball has holes (front & back), these holes serve the purpose of allowing the flushed water to pass through the solution to activate the cleaning solutions.  If you look closely to the top right of the picture there is bubbles.  This is the solution that will protect from future build-up.



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  2. I would like to try this to prevent toilet rings. They are so hard to remove!

  3. These sounds like great products to try.

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