Bad Habits are hard to break!

Unfortunately, I have a bad habit of crunching ice cubes.  I even have it down to a science about how to make the perfect ice crunch for me.  First, I fill the glass up with ice.  Then, I run the tap water for a second or two to get hot.  Last, I fill the glass up with the hot water.  Rinse it out with my hand covering the glass.  Refill with hot water. Whola!  The perfect ice to crunch.  Why am I writing about it?  Well, after chomping on ice all day, it leaves my teeth and gums sore.  Ouch!  I had to take Advil to ease the pain.  But, I would go to bed early, needless to say, I wasn't too fond of going to bed at 8:30pm.  Thankfully, I received a free product review from for Arm & Hammer's Sensitive Toothpaste from the makers of Orajel!  Yay!  Since brushing with it, I have a substantial amount of less pain!  My gums aren't achy.  I appreciate that factor alone.  But combined with whitened teeth I'd say this is a winner!  I know that just my opinion doesn't matter to you, well, you can try for yourself to see if it works for you too.  For your free sample go to to get your sample while supplies last. 


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