Upscale Handsoap Coming Soon!

When you think of Boutiques, you think classy, unique, original and stylish, or at least I do.   A good boutique holds a higher standard than the typical retail store. So when I got the chance to review the Dial Boutique Collection hand soap, I was intrigued.  This is my own opinion about this product and my daughter gave her two cents as well. 

Beginning with the packaging, I noticed that it was a little more upscale that most hand soap bottles. Sugar Cane Husk Scrub peaked my interest.  I thought about how sugar cane would smell and what is this "scrub thing" about in this hand soap.  My daughter and I anxiously awaited to try this out.  She suddenly had the urge to visit the bathroom.  This time I wanted to get her feedback and boy did I.  Ohhh...this smells so good!  Something else is in this soap.  This is not like the regular soap you buy mom.  Not only does it smell good, but my hands are super soft!  Here smell them and she proceeds to shove her hands in my face.  "Whoa... I said,  it does smell pretty good." 
So of course I had to wash my hands, after all, I want soft hands too. 

As I pumped once, I thought okay consistency is like other hand soap.  But then, I rubbed my hands together for the surprise.  I felt little scrubbers, somewhat like grains of sugar, but not as coarse.  Descent lather.  However, what was unlike most hand soap my hands felt baby soft and smelled wonderful.  I am excited that I received this free for a product review.  In my opinion, I would buy this product for these reasons, the fragrance, the "scrubbers"  that sloughed away debris and the softness of my hands and how squeaky clean my hands were after washing. 
Beginning on 3/26/15 you can have your opportunity to receive your own free coupon for a full-sized bottle!  Enter the giveaway to the right of this post and if selected, you will be sent your coupon.


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