Didn't Win the Giveaway this time? Don't fret....

Another giveaway in store for you!  This time for coffee lovers. Enter to win a
coupon for a free full-sized bottle of Nescafe with Coffee-Mate!  A 2-in1 coffee creamer combo to make your coffee experience more enjoyable. 

This is such a great idea for those of you want coffee on the go.  Instead of hopping to the nearest coffee shop.  Why not make your own batch at home with a one, two step?  All that is needed is water and Nescafe to get you going! 

Now, this combo is for those of you that just need a small jilt in the morning.  You might have to drink two cups of this combo to get you set for the day.  Personally, even though  I was given these coupons from smiley360.com, I consider myself an avid coffee drinker and this is my personal opinion.  I need extra strong coffee.  But, when in chill mode, or in the evening and I just want some coffee that I can savor the taste, this is the one I get to drink.  It gives me the flavor I desire for coffee, yet, enables me to fall asleep.


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