If you love Gummie Bears, this ones for you!

Once again I am reviewing a product that Smiley360.com has given me for free.  But as I stated before this my opinion about the product.  You know sometimes I think they have a psychic that predicts what product I will enjoy.  Truly I enjoy most of them!  This time I ran out of my daily vitamins and wouldn't you know it, Smily360.com sent me Centrum gummies vitamins!  Typically, I dislike that medicine after taste that most vitamins do.  But not these gummies!  It has different fruity flavors like orange, cherry, etc.  Honestly, there was a slight after taste, however, not like the typical vitamins. I can deal with this taste wayyyyyyy better than other vitamins for sure.   The texture is similar to regular gummies smooth outer and chewy inner.   Another benefit is how it supports energy, immunity and your metabolism.    Personally, after the first week, I believe there was a difference in my energy levels.  Prior to taking these gummy vitamins, my energy levels were low. 

Overall, I give Centrum gummies an A++ because of the effectiveness of the product, as well as, the pleasant taste that each gummy entails.  I like the idea of taking a different flavor of vitamin each day. 


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