You better RUN for this DEAL!

My brother's birthday is fast approaching.  Our family is scrambling around trying to figure out what gift to give him.  My brother is extremely low key.  His attitude for just about everything is "it's okay".  I know right.  Not much of a clue as to what he really loves.  We are bouncing ideas everywhere about what will not only surprise him, but a gift that he will actually LOVE!  Considering the fact that I am the most savvy of the family,  naturally, I went to the internet to get ideas.  As I begin to search, I think of things he enjoys like watching sports of any kind and eating.  Yeah that sums it up pretty much.  Since this is baseball season, I am checking baseball games...$59 for a few tickets. However, problem is scheduling for the discounted tickets are not on his days off. Otherwise, the ticket costs are too high for a group of people.  So, that's out for now.   

Okay, I continue to check a few restaurants that he prefers dining. is out of my price range! Now what?  Think girl, THINK!  I thought I can search for affordable restaurants.  I did the search and not one of his favs were listed.  I called my friend for more ideas.  I gave her the rundown on my efforts for his birthday gifts and she said "Go to and see what they have available.  My husband and I went to a fancy restaurant because of a few of their  deals in the past."  We chatted for a minute as I searched and visited the website.  It began to look familiar to me.   I saw the website and I was like, " I totally forgot that I used them years ago too."  I checked  the site to see what type of deal was available.  I am sooo glad I did, "$3 for $25" Gift Certificates!  All I had to do was type in the city/state and what type of food that I wanted to eat.  A list of restaurants and the costs of the tickets were available.  How easy was that!  I jumped on a few deals why not?  I can take him out for his favorite meal and save a few pennies for the rest of us too.  Yay me!


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